The Calmark Group is part of Smithsonian Exhibit

The Calmark Group is part of Smithsonian Exhibit

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The Calmark Group is part of an expansive exhibit at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum, which will be housed in Washington, DC’s old main Post Office near Capitol Hill.  The exhibit, entitled “America’s Mailing Industry,” is a partnership initiative between the U.S. Postal Service and the mailing industry.  The virtual exhibit recently opened.  The physical exhibit will not be ready for two-three years, according to a NPM spokesperson..

The Calmark Group won a place in the historic exhibit based on its compelling story and its contributions to the mailing industry.

From the 1960s when Quinn Calhoun started Calmark Mailing Services employing 500 home typists and 30 full-time employees, to Bob Doyle Sr.’s entry into the mailing business in 1974 – the story is a fascinating one of how the two men crossed paths and their businesses grew and evolved, as well as how their innovations contributed to the history of mailing services in the U.S.  (Read the full story at

The Calmark Group, still a family-owned business, is headed up by Robert Doyle, Jr. as President and CEO.  Jim Fitzgerald, who purchased the original Calmark Mailing Services from Calhoun, serves as chairman of the board.

“We’re pleased and proud to be part of this historic exhibit,” said Doyle.  For more information about the virtual exhibit, click here.