Get The Edge

  • Have you asked your committed donors for their feedback… or for their opinions?
  • Have you asked them if they’d like to get involved in your cause?
  • Have you offered them opportunities to collaborate with others who share their passion?


Do you need to tell your organization’s story on social media?
Do you want to identify your donors who have the capacity for higher levels of involvement and giving, and then engage them in your cause?

Donorconnects can do it all! It gives you the social media platform, combined with a strategic direct mail program, to identify donors with the potential for becoming leaders, sustainers, ambassadors, mid-level and major donors and planned givers.

With Donorconnects, you can treat your committed donors as the treasures they are.
In fact, you owe them opportunities to have real, meaningful conversations, tangible, rewarding outcomes, and the personal connections they crave – something that the big social platforms can’t provide.

Your committed donors have amazing capacity to advance your goals…
…simply because they believe in your mission.  Donorconnects is the place to bring them all together – the planners, collaborators, idea-generators, dreamers and doers – all joined together online for your cause, and united offline as they put their efforts into action.