How It Works

Start the Conversation.
Find out what it means to make your donor community better, together, right where your donor is 24/7.

  • Enables you to develop an online donor community that’s passionate about your cause.
  • Enables you to have your own branded, “ready to launch” social media platform.
  • Enables you to let donors know how their input and ideas are being implemented.


Sign Up, Simply.
Donors must create an account before contributing, ensuring quality submissions.

Invite your donors to sign in using their existing social media accounts. Integrate your website or blog visitors immediately, with embedded widgets allowing them to participate in the topic, and their input will be included in your final engagement results.


Bring about ideas, gather valuable feedback and measure the impact of your donor’s contributions in a productive, two-way dialogue.

Discover Great Ideas.
Choose from a list of suggested topics, or create your own topics to get donors talking.

Engage along with donors and visitors as they share their ideas, videos, and photos.

Gather Valuable Feedback.
Tap into instant feedback through poll questions.

Use long-form surveys to get more detail where you need it.

Affirm Participant Engagement.
Let your donors know who’s listening to their feedback and implementing their ideas.

Show donors step-by-step where their ideas stand in the decision-making process.

Points Redeemed for Rewards.
Participants earn points for their engagement.

Enhance exposure to your gift shops or catalogs, and involve corporate partners.

Measure the Impact.
Quickly check the progress of your site to find out how many people are engaging.

Export reports to analyze participation.