Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Offer Mobile Giving to Maximize Your Fundraising Impact

Digital fundraising will empower your donors to give online from any device — a cell phone, tablet or laptop. Your donors will be able to give in response to your text messages, email, social media and direct mail.

1. Text To Donate Most
Gifts are made in 60 seconds. Every ask for a donations should be preceded by 3 text messages with links to videos, photos or testimonials to show the good that you’re doing. Average gift is $167.

2. Online giving 38%
Donors give larger gifts on branded donation pages online.

3. Events 25%
More guests donate at events, with an average gift of $167. Speakers simply instruct supporters to text a keyword to a short code to make a donation. Donors will receive a text message reply with a link to give their credit card. Donors who don’t fulfill their pledge will receive 3 automatic reminder texts.

4. Mobile Communications 99%
90% of texts are opened and read within 3 minutes.

5. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and Crowdfunding Campaigns
Mobile-friendly donation pages increase submissions by 38%.

The Calmark Group will help you to customize your Digital Marketing campaign to suit your needs. Our cloud based mobile giving program makes it easy for donors, volunteers, and staff to give and stay connected via online, mobile and social media.
● Acquire new donors
● Gain recurring gifts
● Reduce administrative time
● Lower fundraising costs with one easy to use platform.

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