The Calmark Group has developed postal initiatives that have saved our clients thousands of dollars in postage by aggressively taking advantage of all postage discounts. After presorting the files for presort discounts the output is then put through The Calmark Group COPS (Calmark’s Optimized Postage Solution)program. COPS optimizes savings by taking advantage of Destination Entry Discounts, Co-Pal Discounts and Commingling Discounts. The result is typically a blend of services that yields the greatest postage savings possible and that maximizes the depth the mail is entered into the postal system. The deeper the mail is entered into the postal system, the less handling is required by the USPS and the less chance for delays in delivery. COPS will get you deeper into the USPS system and at the lowest possible rate.

The Calmark Group also keeps our clients apprised of ongoing USPS promotional discounts and assists clients in applying for these discounts. We also work with our production team to produce the mail piece according to USPS specifications, ensuring that the discount is applied.

IMB Tracing: The Calmark Group offers IMb tracing which allows our client to monitor individual mailpieces into the homes. In additional to knowing if your mail piece has arrived when you expected it to, you can also use the data to trigger an email campaign prior or after in home delivery. You have the option of having daily reports send to you or you can jump on our website and monitor the reports directly.


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